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Tank Bags

Brand: KAPPA
Expandable tank bag, mounted through magnets and straps, that can be also used as a rucksack or a tail bag. It can be connected with the RA317 handlebar bag (using the M.O.L.L.E. system). Materials: Black Polyester canvas, water repellant and UV resistant As standard: • Turns into a ruc..
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Brand: KAPPA
Universal expandable tank bag, with magnets, 25 ltr. Fitting system to motorcycle: • 4 pockets for removable magnets • 4 belts for direct attachment to the motorcycle • Central safety belt to be fixed around the handlebar As standard: • Transparent map holder &b..
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Brand: Givi
Specific flange for fitting any of the TANKLOCK, TanklockED bags Compatible with: - HONDA CB 500 F 2019 onwards - HONDA CB 650 F 2017-2018 - HONDA CB 650 R 2019-2020 - HONDA CB 650 R 2021 onwards - HONDA CBR 650 R 2021 onwards - HONDA CB 750 Hornet 2023 onwards - HONDA CBR 10..
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Brand: Givi
Tunnel bag for scooter with side pockets, 15 ltr. Fitting to the motorcycle by means of 2 straps with 2 clips to be fix to the bag for fastening to the under saddle.   Features - Rain cover in fluorescent material - Extra-cargo system with multi-purpose cross-over elastic on the lid of the..
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Brand: KAPPA
Double tank bag.   Features: • Consisting of two expandable, detachable sections • Transparent map holder • Anti-slip rubber base • Safety strap (to be secured to the head stock) • Rain cover • Reflective prints • Removable straps for carrying as a ru..
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Brand: Givi
GIVI MT505 Tanklock Tank Bag - 5 Litre 
Features: - volume: 5 litres - sizes: 190 x 280 x 220 (height x depth x width) - Tanklock system - Inner pocket to store a smart phone - Inner pocket in the top-shell - Shoulder strap for transportation - Rain cover - Zipper pulls designed to be use..
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Brand: HONDA
Tank Bag original HONDA 08L79-MKT-D00 For HONDA X-ADV 2021 and after..
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Brand: HONDA
Light and compact TANK BAG with pocket, ideal for carrying small items. Its adjustment is done with one-touch. clasp and magnet. Capacity: 3 liters Maximum load weight: 1.5 kg Color: Black Material: PVC   Part Number 08L89-MKS-E00..
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