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Bluetooth & Intercom SENA 5S-10D Single

Bluetooth & Intercom SENA 5S-10D Single Helmets
Bluetooth & Intercom SENA 5S-10D Single Helmets
Bluetooth & Intercom SENA 5S-10D Single Helmets
Bluetooth & Intercom SENA 5S-10D Single Helmets
Bluetooth & Intercom SENA 5S-10D Single
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Born from the legendary Sena SMH5, the Sena 5S is the next-generation of feature-rich and value-packed intercoms from Sena. With this easy to use and accessible unit, you get High Definition in-helmet speakers, High Definition two-way intercom, and integrated LCD screen; all the features you need at an amazing value. The 5S with Bluetooth® 5 keeps you connected to your riding companion or passenger with HD Sound quality, music sharing, and audio equalizer profiles built right in. With even more features packed in, it also lets you answer phone calls hands-free and hear your GPS prompts. The 5S features a Helmet Clamp Kit and Boom Microphone. The Jog Dial makes for an intuitive user interface that is much easier to control while riding, which means you'll ride safer.

Redesigned HD speakers for an inspired listening experience.

The newly redesigned in-helmet speakers are optimized for both physical comfort and impressive audio performance. These particular speakers have been designed with a beveled taper and easily fit in the speaker pockets of a helmet, giving the rider a comfortable experience. But exterior design is nothing if the audio output doesn’t meet expectations. With a marked increase in volume, bass boost, and clarity, these all-new HD speakers not only meet expectations but shatter them! Communicating on crystal-clear HD two-way Bluetooth intercom has never sounded so good.

Easy setup and operation.

The LCD screen enables you to quickly verify your connections and settings before you even put your helmet on. Conversely, manage device functions hands-free while riding using the voice commands supported across 8 languages. And the glove-friendly Jog Dial is perfect for changing volume or answering your phone calls while on the go. You can also take advantage of the Sena Utility app on your smartphone to configure your 5S Bluetooth headset the way you want at the touch of a button. The Utility App also gives access to four EQ presets of bass boost, balance, mid boost, or treble boost; listen to your beats how you want to!


Technical Specification:


Talk time:

- 7 hours


- Speaker driver unit: 40 mm – thickness 7.2 mm

- Wire boom microphone: length 183 mm

- Wire between speakers: length 700 mm


- Main Module: 48 g (1.69 oz)

Operating temperature: -10°C - 55°C (14°F - 131°F)



- Bluetooth 5.0

- Headset Profile (HSP)

- Hands-Free Profile (HFP)

- Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)

- Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)



- Up to 700 m (760 yds) in open terrain

- 1-to-1 Intercom, Pairing list: 3



- Advanced Noise Control™

- Built-in SBC Codec

- Wide volume control

- Sample rate: max. 48 kHz (DAC)



- Charging time: 1.5 hours

- Lithium Polymer Battery

- 3.7V 420mA, 1pcs






- Sena Utility App

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